Corrazone works on the idea of being a community that involves co-living and co-working, perfectly designed so that, individuals from diverse backgrounds, including techies who are tired of their tedious  jobs, or freelancers without clients or people with brilliant startup ideas; have an opportunity to come together, discuss, debate, implement and eventually collaborate on finding solutions to real-world problems in all fields and this will lead to innovations that have been built on through multiple perspectives and multiple disciplines. This community will also be home to investors, a regular pitching field for startups. Investors get to work directly with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs will have access to multiple investors who will resonate with them. Thus, ensuring that the community is capable of an efficient and undisturbed flow of productivity.

Unlike traditional coworking spaces where people are charged for a large period of time together, Corrazone charges for the hour, charges only for the utilities that the occupier uses. This provides an opportunity for the occupant to spend judiciously and become more economical and efficient. This scheme also manages to keep him more relaxed psychologically, as he does not have to worry about any wastage, which will lead to better productivity. Corrazone is focused on becoming this community, on becoming a home, built around a beautiful premise, working with state of the art technology while also ensuring that it works in tandem with its surroundings, sustaining green growth and certifying minimum wastage.

Corrazone is thus a communal hub of high creative and economic work-flow. It is always engaged and always active, as it is a dynamic space where collaborations and mixes are formed all the time. Its working and designs have been formed after closely observing, studying and analyzing other community space outside the nation, where the concept of  co-working and co living are executed perfectly. Its close proximity to the Cochin University of Science and Technology also ensure that there will be steady flow of fresh ideas and individuals to the space. This also does more for the society as it mobilizes ideas and resources to the people who need it. It will create an area of high levels of economic activity where young individuals are engaged in various productive activities. The green architecture will also keep sustainability factors in check.