Top tips to network efficiently


Networking is the core of your career/business. Networking is all about establishing and developing relations that are of mutual benefit.

We are surrounded by numerous networking opportunities. If you have the intention, it can happen anywhere- from standing in a queue to get your movie tickets to a big or small networking event.

Networking in a coworking space is easier and more efficient. Corrazone is one of the few coworking spaces in Kochi which hosts community gathering at regular intervals. The events are a threshold of collaborations and networking. We have created an eco-system of connections that is fruitful in the efficient growth of your career/business.

Here are our top tips to network efficiently:

Understand the purpose of networking:

Networking should be thought of as an opportunity to establish mutually beneficial relationships with other people.

Research and identify potential contacts and networks:

Research potential contacts by searching online or attending professional events related to your industry or goals.

Prepare in advance:

Do some research to understand the needs and interests of potential contacts and come up with topics or questions that could help you connect with them.

Initiate contact and follow-up:

Reach out to contacts through email, LinkedIn, or other social media or networking platforms. Once you have connected, send a follow-up message to continue the conversation.

Ask meaningful questions:

Ask questions that demonstrate you’ve done your research and are genuinely interested in the person and their work.

Listen to understand:

Make sure to actively listen to the answers to your questions and ask thoughtful follow-ups.

Maintain and nurture relationships:

After you’ve had your initial interactions, continue to stay in touch and nurture your relationships with regular check-ins and thoughtful updates.